They can generate content on an infinite number of topics, the list is almost endless

Most writers want to focus on the features that make their writing tool useful, not how good it is at generating content. And most of them will feel more confident about discussing a problem for which they have already generated content if they have looked into the technical details of what their software can do than if they are forced to produce content from scratch.

The rise of coffee culture and its impact on the world.

History of tea in China. The Chinese used to drink tea not just for health reasons but also for social purposes. They also believed that drinking tea could cure many diseases.

If you love tea or coffee, but you are not sure of the best brand to go for, a digital agency may be able to advise you.

In the future, we might need to consider whether the tea or coffee is more needed or not. This can be seen in a specific context. Examples of this are when you want to make a decision on a given topic and you don’t know what to choose.

This section will help you to understand the different types of tea, the historical background and how people consume it.

Tea is much more than just a drink – it is part of culture and tradition for many cultures. It is about time management, social gatherings and family life. How do people consume tea? This section will help you to understand the differences between black, green and herbal teas, their history from China to Europe and the differences in taste preferences. As an example we can take a look at green tea brewed with tea leaves or brewed in a traditional Chinese steaming vessel.

In the future, we will have robots that can provide our services or take care of our needs in a more efficient way. They will be able to do this by combining data from all kinds of sensors and AI.

This section discusses the future of content marketing, where AI-based approaches are highly relevant for marketers.